This project proposal is a direct reaction to the European Parliament Resolution 2012/C 169 E/02 which calls for the urgent establishment of a European crisis-response mechanism, based in the Commission's services. The European crisis-response mechanism should coordinate civilian and military means so as to ensure that the EU has a rapid response capability to deal with a CBRN disaster and addresses the need stated in the recently adopted CBRN action plan on reinforcing resilience against CBRN threats in terms of prevention, preparedness and response, requires significant investments on the part of Member States and calls for closer cooperation at EU level with a view to learning from each other, pooling expertise and assets and exploiting synergies across borders. The general objective of this project is to conduct a study, in consultation with EU Member States and the Commission Services, into the feasibility of developing a CBRN centre of excellence (ECCofEX) for the EU through the development of a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for such a centre. This project will also seek to create a business plan to identify how such a centre can be established and operated, taking into account/advantage of existing capabilities such as the EC ERC. 

The project partners have been selected for their range of project experience and CBRN expertise. The beneficiaries include civil responders from all agencies, military personnel, civil servants, policy and decision makers, emergency planners, government organisations, national, regional and European authorities concerned with the responses to CBRN crises.