Work package 5: Proof-of-concept definition and feasibility study

Participant: SCK•CEN (lead), Politics Matters, Civil protection school, European CBRNE-center, Portugese Environment Agency (APA)


Using the information gathered in WP2, 3 and 4 to inform a concept of operations (CONOPS) which will enhance the EC and Member States' current response capacity to CBRN incidents.
To identify how to enhance the current response to CBRN within the EC and Member States through an effective CONOPS which will demonstrate:

  • How expertise can be provided and accessed by member states;
  • How existing reach-back capabilities could be integrated and shared by those EU MS who do not have them;
  • How information on CBRN incidents can be gathered and disseminated;
  • How selected results of the European Research Area could be implemented in an operational platform to enhance/improve the response capacity of EU MS;
  • To identify and solve legal aspects associated with the provision of advice; to consult end-users to assess the feasibility of the final proof-of-concept/CONOPS


5.1. Consolidated analysis and synthesis of all of the outcomes and deliverables from WPs 2-4 which will
5.2. enable the selection of appropriate tools and capabilities to support the CONOPS;
5.3. Report detailing the analysed and synthesized outcomes from WPs 2-4 and recommendations on which tools and capabilities should be selected to support the CONOPS.
Integration of feedback and draft CONOPS to create final CONOPS which has been reviewed by potential users;